Germany's Civil Society Alliance for Climate Justice

Climate Alliance Germany (Klima-Allianz Deutschland e.V.) was founded in April 24th 2007. Having realized the enormous challenges that climate change is posing, civil society organisations joined together to form the Climate Alliance Germany. Together they advocate for political frameworks that would secure a total prevention of man-made greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

With more than 140 member organisations, Climate Alliance Germany shows that climate justice is a major concern of society and is supported by a broad societal alliance. The broad spectrum of members of the alliance includes churches, development organisations, environmental organisations, trade unions, welfare associations, organisations for consumer protection, youth alliances and more.

The members of Climate Alliance Germany determine the fundamental content for the direction and further development of the alliance. They also bear responsibility for the implementation and communication of the aims of Climate Alliance Germany.

Climate Alliance Germany is advocating ambitious German climate and energy policy on local, national, European and worldwide level. As a broad alliance, it represents a counterbalance to the interests of many political and economic actors. At the same time it helps to overcome blockades within climate politics. It brings together people for joint action and shows that climate protection is a concern for society as a whole.

Fields of Work

Climate Alliance Germany is working on several topics related to climate protection, such as transition of transportation, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency and climate-induced migration.

The major focus is upon energy transition, the phasing out of coal-producing energy and climate policy on different levels.

Phasing out of coal and energy transition:

A successful energy transition is the key factor for effective climate protection: The rapid phase-out from fossil energy is as important as the continued development of renewable energies and better integration into a new energy system. Climate Alliance Germany demands a nationwide coal phase-out until 2030 and at least 75 percent renewable energies by 2030. Necessary steps for the gas phase-out must be taken in parallel.

Climate policy:

It is the obligation of the political community to immediately adopt anticipatory and coherent framework conditions in order to achieve the required mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. The EU should aim for climate neutrality by 2040, while a climate-neutral EU before 2050 is considered a minimum political ambition. All sectors must contribute to it with their respective share.

International Activities

In 2013, Climate Alliance Germany joined the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe) in order to strengthen European cooperation. CAN Europe is an umbrella organization with more than 120 member organizations in 25 European countries. Its main focus is on energy and climate policy and on the coordination of the joint positions of its members.

Climate Alliance Germany advocates ambitious climate policy on local, national and international level. Therefore, the activity of the alliance always maintains a relationship to international climate politics and negotiations like the UNFCCC conferences and is coordinated with international networks.  

How We see Ourselves

Climate Alliance Germany is a broad, non-party related association that activates many different societal groups for climate protection due to its variety of actors.

  • Climate Alliance Germany offers a platform for exchange, networking and collaboration of its member organizations in regard to topics related to climate and energy policy
  • Climate Alliance Germany sets climate protection on the political agenda and shapes the political framework conditions in the field of energy
  • Climate Alliance Germany implements climate protection within its member organizations

Dr. Christiane Averbeck

Geschäftsführende Vorständin
Klima-Allianz Deutschland e.V.

030/780 899 510